This is the new keepyourpromises.org. keepyourpromises.org has been transformed into an exclusive news site for a secret society. This news site allows you to share your deepest darkest secrets with anyone and everyone. keepyourpromises.org is a secret society of anonymous online bloggers. This news source does not allow anyone to release names or personal information. The only site on the web that information is never stored about our users and is truly kept a secret. Our news source at keepyourpromises.org explores a world of deep and dark secret telling. We keep our promise to always keep information anonymous no matter what the information or story is. We do ask to for each blogger to be as honest as possible and to not tell false untruthful stories on keepyourpromises.org. This is strictly a news source for others to explore things from others and share experiences. Click here to learn about where promises originated from. Where you can relate and find others who may be struggling or feel the same way you do. We seek comfort in knowing we are not alone in this world. keepyourpromises.org as a news site works for various reasons and is sweeping the internet! It is a new and exciting way to share and blog with others across the internet and different world but never know who they are but that they feel the same as you. All information is kept safe and will never be released to any individual for purpose or reasoning. It is in our privacy clause that no matter what each individual is treated and respected with graciousness, no matter what. keepyourpromises.org as a news site allows individuals to become open and feel safe to share anything at all without judgment from others. In today’s society it can feel almost impossible to interact and be who you truly are without being judged. Now you can with keepyourpromises.org!